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Wedding Flower Trends for 2022

Been on Pinterest lately looking at the latest trends for your wedding flowers? Here's a recap of what I'm hearing are the 2022 floral trends...

Back by popular demand is the romantic blush, nude, and taupe colors. It's hard to argue with the beauty of this look especially when paired with hints of blue and lots of texture. Some of my favorite flowers to use with this look is the sweet Quicksand Rose. This rose makes up the base of most of the blush bouquets that I do. Another winner in this tone for fall weddings is the Cafe Au Lait Dahlia, again similar feminine and sweet colors make for a timeless look that has been very popular for the last number of years. I believe this trend is here to stay for years yet to come.

Greenery only weddings! Here's a fresh new take that hints at a laid back, boho style... mixed greenery and foliage with no flowers in sight! So much possibilities here in the world of foliage, from ruscus, to olive leaves, to lush fresh ferns. The beauty of greens can transform even a plain space into something magical. A bonus too, is that it is cost effective and can really make a difference on the bottom line when wedding planning! Here is an arbor I created at Cornman Farms in Dexter, Michigan using smilax greens only.

On the other side of the blush spectrum is the use of bright and bold colors for weddings. I personally love this trend! Rich oranges, bright pinks, and sunny yellows to cool blues, earthy greens, and deep purples, this fun bouquet will pop against any bride's white wedding dress. I'm currently excited by an all yellow wedding that a bride is considering for this summer...

What speaks to you for your wedding day? I love to take a color palette and add unusual elements that make it personal and uniquely yours. This summer, I am excited to be able to use flowers from my own cutting garden to add that unique element to your bouquet and personal pieces. I call them my "twiddley bits"... those flowers with a bit of a wonky stem or an upturned face add so much beauty!

Looking for a wedding florist for this summer? I still have availability for June, August, and fall dates. I also specialize in a la carte pieces for #microweddings , #elopements , and #minimonies . Fill out my "let's get acquainted" form on the weddings page and let's see what floral beauty we can create for your wedding day.




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