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Laura Giles, owner and floral designer at Little Workshop Floral

About Me!

My name is Laura Giles​ and I am the owner and floral designer of LWF.  I come from a long line of gardeners! My grandfather owned and operated a large rose and dahlia flower farm in Havana, Cuba called Floreria Alcazar. In 1970, when I was six, my family was able to leave Cuba and move to the United States.​ I grew up with a mother that had learned about gardening from her gardener father and wherever we lived, there was always a garden to see and enjoy.


Many years later, I moved to Ann Arbor, Michigan where I met my wonderful husband Peter. Together, we've raised five amazing kids. During those years, I discovered my own passion for growing and arranging flowers. Fast forward to now where I have worked on many weddings and countless events!


I've been a Michigan State (MSU) Master Gardener for almost 25 years and have received formal floral design training as well. I am proud to be a listed floral designer on the florist collective. I am a flower grower as well as a designer and my passion is beautiful installations for weddings and celebrations!


​Approach & Style to our Designs…​I am passionate about flowers and arranging them! I put my heart into every arrangement that is created. My garden style design is relaxed, full and lush. LWF floral arrangements work to highlight the flowers and colors of the season that your celebration is in. I source only the freshest flowers. My garden style work springs organically from what is in season and available in my own large garden or my local sources. I am proud to use sustainable practices in all my work. I do not use harmful floral foam products but instead focus on reusable and recyclable mechanics in our floral arrangements and all of our installation pieces.

I am proud to be a preferred vendor at Zingerman's Cornman Farms in Dexter, Stonebridge Golf Course & Events in Ann Arbor, and Weller's Events in Saline, MI. 

At Little Workshop Floral, our mission is not only to create beautiful events and weddings but to "Love People Through Flowers".



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